Ready for Framing

I first started this gecko in January 2010 for my Diary of a Broken Soul Tarot review. It took me two years to finish it and I’ve had it in a drawer for a year. I really would like to get it framed, but when I looked at it with a fresh eye I realized it was lacking contrast in some areas and needed some shading.

This is a bit tricky because I laid down watercolour washes with salt and plastic wrap on the background originally, and then the gecko was drawn over the part that had a splodged area of blue that looked like a shadow. I quite like this technique of laying something down randomly and fitting your image in there.

There is an artist, Jenny Wheatley, who works in watercolour and mixed media and I loved her similar approach in the book Adventurous Watercolours. She has a style that is part painterly and part illustrative which is, as I’ve discovered, a style I like to do myself.


She uses enough detail and some shadows but the rest of it is imaginative, often using patterns. I was getting very uptight about putting “correct” shadow on this gecko, but I couldn’t really because back in the beginning when I started it wasn’t really planned that way, it was more about flowing with the background.

So after looking at Jenny’s book to get a sense of what I needed, I punched up the darks and shadows in the background in selected areas and then left it, as I was in danger of overworking it. It has allowed the gecko to look like he is anchored to the page, as is the feather now, and I punched up some shadows in corners generally. In reality this is much sharper and the black of “Jahanam” is darker, but you get the idea of how the increased shadow depth and contrast along the edges has helped.


I am also going to get this print framed that I bought about ten years ago. It is a print of my favourite card in Francene Hart’s Sacred Geometry Oracle and is called Himalayan Passage. There is a better picture of it on Francene’s web site, but here are the two pictures ready to go to the framer.


Himalayan Passage has the OM symbol in the centre, a reminder for me to calm down, listen and create, and not worry about perfection or what other people create.

These are going to be hung in my bedroom, so I am quite excited. I’ve never had one of my own pieces of art framed before and it has good memories for me.


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2 Comments on “Ready for Framing”

  1. Roseanne Dix Says:

    exquisite. I seem to remember this from way back when. wonderful work s always Jude.

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