So Long John Bellany

I only learned about Scottish artist John Bellany through a transformation playing card deck called Under the Sea Playing Cards that I purchased a few years ago. His work immediately interested me and made me glad that there are artists in the world.


I feel that as people die who were born before the homogeny of the Internet and global communication, we are losing something vital in our culture, the spark of individual creativity. Every one that dies is a huge loss, and takes an attitude and sensibility that can’t be recaptured as we roll on in society.

Change is good but when much of music and art sounds and looks the same, and women talk interminably about buying new shoes, or finding a rich guy to make them a princess, or prostitute themselves in performances on-stage, where are we going, what are we losing?


So long, John Bellany.

So long, so long.




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3 Responses to So Long John Bellany

  1. Roseanne Dix says:

    I discovered him many years ago. he had an operation – liver I think – and drew lurid pictures of his op and convalescence. If i remem ber correctly, he got his surgeon to paint too. they became close friends….he has a name sake who was totally different and painted landscapes (again, if memory serves me…)

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