Drawing Books, Here and Coming

I bought some books to fill a couple of gaps in my drawing books. So I say. I suppose one could buy every book that hits the market, but the only way to draw is to practice, and all the books in the world won’t do that for you, so you have to make your mind up to draw.

I was going to buy The Laws Guide to Drawing Birds before, but I bought another book instead which was fairly good on colouring techniques. However, I am finding it hard to get the shape of bird bodies drawn correctly so thought I’d get this book to explain this better. I usually tune out when drawing books discuss initial sketches with ellipses and circles and such, but after seeing this more carefully and recognizing where I was having problems, I decided to buy this book.


I don’t have Bert Dodson’s first book on drawing because it duplicates another book I have, but when his newer book Keys to Drawing with Imagination was published, it seemed like my kind of thing, and I put it on my wish list. What I like about it is that he does what I like to do, take things of interest and smoosh them together in a drawing. Part fantasy, part montage, part a story of imagination, he just has a way of making drawings interesting. This is a large spiral-bound hardcover, so is good for practicing with the book open in front of you.


I wrote Curry’s yet again to find out why the Stillman and Birn Zeta Sketchbooks had not appeared after they told me they would have them at the end of July. Now they are saying the end of September they should be getting a shipment. My money is gone now, but maybe they will trickle into the stores in October and I can save up for one. I want the big one and with tax they are about $30.


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