In Which Duccio Discovers the Joy of Lectures

Someone gave me a course that was on sale from The Great Courses called The World’s Greatest Paintings, and I have seen two of the lectures. The second one was on Duccio’s altarpiece for the Siena Cathedral, plus Giotto’s Arena Chapel frescoes.

I have a book called Five Centuries of Sienese Painting that starts off with this piece of art by Duccio, and I was fascinated to learn more about it in the lecture.


There is a splendid fold-out in my book about this.




What the book didn’t show and the lecture did was how the original altar looked before they cut it apart and chopped and hacked images off it. It must have been stunning, an awe-inspiring wall of colour and history.


I have an extensive write-up with lots of close-ups of the Arena Chapel in one of my big art books on Italian Frescoes, so I am meandering through that before viewing another lecture. I am hoping this art history study will keep my mood positive and keep me learning over the winter.




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