Skelita, Page, Skelitor, and Jack Skellington Pose on a Saturday

I have succumbed to the Monster High mania.

Well, not really, I don’t have the money, space or inclination to collect these dolls, but I have had a keychain with a figure of Jack Skellington from Tim Burton’s movie The Nightmare Before Christmas for at least a decade. My husband brought it home from work, someone had thrown it in the garbage. Skeletons and skulls of animals and people are interesting as well, because of the wonder you feel at the hidden structure.

So when I saw that there was a doll celebrating the Mexican Day of the Dead, who has a face painted like a decorated sugar skull they sell for that holiday; I was intrigued. She actually has a skeletal body under the clothes too. Her travel case on wheels makes a nice stand for a tarot card, the Death card being relevant here. I also have a tiny plastic skeleton that also came from the garbage, that has been sitting on my card shelf with a bunny figure that reminds me of the white rabbit in the Wonderland Tarot and my general love of Alice in Wonderland, so he wanted to be her doll for a doll along with Jack Skellington.


Are you getting this? Ha-ha. I don’t know, I figure you need to roll with these imperatives of joy when they hit. Plus, the Day of the Dead is an interesting cultural celebration and involves cemeteries and the graves of ancestors, all things that I find interesting historically.

And she came with a hairbrush and a travel suitcase, how slick is that? The travel suitcase makes a nice easel to hold a tarot card.

They had another doll on sale for $12 which my husband offered to buy for me, so we got her too. I’m not sure why but her affinity with the Page of Cups in tarot rather appealed to me. She is Lagoona Blue Dot Dead Gorgeous from 2012, but I thought I would call her Page. She has fins on her arms and calves and webbed fingers, plus blue skin.

Here they are with their respective tarot cards of the Page of Cups and Death. Cheerfully in their festive clothing, they seem to be fighting off an attack of sea otters, Mother-in-Law’s Tongue, Breyer horses and cat figurines.



Saturday brings out all the scary things.


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