Switcharoo Book Meets Canon van der Paele

Ah yes, the glory of cancelling purchases at Amazon: The book I had pre-ordered on drawing insects seems to be nowhere, even at the publisher’s site, so I cancelled it. I was reading reviews of another book by that publisher and looking at the artist’s own web site, and I decided it was not going to be good for me; I’m very picky about art books.

I then ordered two music CDs for the spouse for Christmas and while doing that I decided on another art book. This one is most definitely up to standards of excellence and I own another book by the author Sarah Simblet which is breathtaking in text and images, plus the examples of pages from this book Botany for the Artist convinced me to buy it.


I am doing several digital jigsaws of paintings from the art history course I am viewing on DVD, and I have found all kinds of small details I missed looking at the paintings. This one is Madonna of the Canon van der Paele by the always mysterious Jan van Eyck, a rip-roaring journey through subtle symbolism. (Click to enlarge)


I have one commitment left to buy some doll shoes from a lady in the States. She was kind enough to wait until I had the money near the end of November, so that’s my Christmas money spent.

Books reverberate with continual learning and pleasure. Doll shoes may not, but they’re red, the Madonna understands the rich glory of red in life.


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