Baby Quilt in Disappearing 9-Patch Pattern

There’s nothing like starting early on projects. No one in my family is having a baby, but by the time I get this done they might be and I will be ready for gift-giving action!

I enjoyed making a doll quilt last December for my Maplelea doll Saila using the Disappearing 9-Patch pattern and a 2.5-inch square. For this bigger quilt I used a 4.5-inch square and cut 90 squares, then sewed ten regular 9-Patch blocks together with those squares.

They look okay but nothing special.


The magic happens when you cut them apart down the centre both horizontally and vertically, thus making the 9-patch you started with “disappear,” and I also find it adds some interest and movement generally.


I have to juggle the smaller blocks a bit to get the fabrics balanced, but basically this is the way I am going to rotate them. It’s a good gender-neutral colour scheme, but bright and attractive for a child to enjoy. The leftover bits will go toward piecing the backing, which I always find fun.

I have a 21 year-old 6150 Pfaff machine, which is one of the last models they made in Germany. I understand from reading reviews that the newer Pfaff machines have problems with quality control, so while tempted to buy a new machine I think I’ll keep on using this workhorse.


I notice though that Pfaff has a new Free-motion Echo Quilting Foot that might fit my older machine. After talking to a quilt shop that is a Pfaff dealer, they said I should bring my machine in to see if the foot works with my machine. According to one web site it should fit as it’s a low shank, yet it is not an electronic machine, so it’s best to check first as they are about $30 to buy.


To screw it in you remove the ankle that attaches the sewing feet, which takes away a lot of the visual blockage I get even with my current see-through Pfaff free motion foot. It’s worth exploring anyway as I haven’t been able to do much free motion quilting because of my knee, and if I can get a newer attachment I’ve got several small projects and about 14 quilt tops to quilt, so if I can manage a better setup that would be good.

The year 2014 will be my 30th anniversary of quilting and it still lights me up. I realized when I was cutting squares out how happy it makes me. With my leg problems quilting has gone down somewhat on my priority list and I think I’d be happier if I was able to chip away more at it.



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2 Comments on “Baby Quilt in Disappearing 9-Patch Pattern”

  1. murielmakes Says:

    Just realised I’d missed these posts! I have a Pfaff as well, I love it. I was a gift from a friend who was moving from Germany to the USA and couldn’t take it with her.

    Hope that the foot is successful. Quilting is a great thing to do isn’t it?

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