When the Machine Doesn’t Work, Use Your Hands

Foiled by the weather in Toronto, I was unable to get my sewing machine in for a repair before the weekend. After a frustrating night where I couldn’t sleep for knitting going through my mind. I arose this morning and got right to it.

Finally, after seven weeks, I picked up the stitches for my first sleeve on the cardigan I am making. I picked up nine extra stitches in order to close the holes in the gusset area, and it worked well, so I was away on the body of the sleeve.


It’s always a bit tricky to choose how to decrease extra stitches on sleeves and regulate the usual decreases so the sleeve fits you, but after some figuring I got it right and made notes so that I can knit the second sleeve the same way.

My goal is to finish this sweater over the Christmas and New Year’s holidays and thus be ready to knit a baby blanket I have planned, and to finish the baby quilt I started once my machine gets repaired.



Sometimes all that is needed is momentum.


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4 Comments on “When the Machine Doesn’t Work, Use Your Hands”

  1. Roseanne Dix Says:

    AH well done Judith. Take my hat off to you with that knitting. from my days of doing that , I know how tricky it is. Yours looks so professional. Hope you get your Machine back soon – mind you, you ARE getting other things done, so blessing in disguise perhaps??????????

    • JJ ColourArt Says:

      Well, due to weather issues I wasn’t able to get my sewing machine in for repair, but like you say, it allows me to finish this other thing. Certainly a disguised blessing!

      I don’t need to get overwhelmed with more projects until I finish this one.

  2. murielmakes Says:

    This is looking lovely and what a fantastic way to do the sleeve and underarm gusset. Looking forward to seeing the finished result. I have to sweaters on the WIP pile that I really need to finish. Must make a real effort over the coming few weeks.

    • JJ ColourArt Says:

      I’m going to try the same thing with a doll sweater sleeve gusset. I have just finished the body of the doll sweater (and ran out of yarn 15 stitches before the end of the cast-off so had to splice yarn in. aaaagh.)

      I’m just hoping the sleeves will work on DPNs–the last doll sweater I tried simply would not work on DPNs for some reason and I ended up sticking it in a bag. This one looks okay.

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