A Cardigan for Saila

I don’t have a great track record for knitting sweaters for dolls. I either have problems with gauge or I run out of yarn. The last free pattern I used was going well, but when I went to pick up the sleeve stitches off the waste yarn onto double-pointed needles, the severe angle of the stitches made them un-knittable. I never could figure out why. The author of the pattern used the magic loop technique for knitting her sleeves and had no problem and someone else I talked to knit them flat and seamed them, so perhaps it just hadn’t been tested for DPNs? Or perhaps it was just me? Sigh.

So this time I am trying the free Poppy Cardigan by Georgie Hallam. It is designed for a doll with a 9-inch waist and my doll is about eleven inches so I modified the cast-on count for the fronts and backs, but kept the sleeve count as written.

Cast on 52 sts. Set-up with markers: 10/8/16/8/10

Did 9 increases to row 20.
Set up for sleeves: 19/26/34/26/19 – 124 stitches total.

I finished the body yesterday. So far it fits nicely although it might be a couple of stitches wide on the fronts. I might need that though if it’s going over a dress with puffed sleeves.



Because of problems with tendinitis and arthritis I am going to have to take a break for a few days and get back to this to do the sleeves, but I don’t anticipate problems, because I’ve just had the experience of knitting sleeves like this on a people-sized sweater on DPNs.

Famous last words? Hundreds more people have knit this cardigan than the first pattern I tried, plus I’ve seen a couple of finished examples on Maplelea dolls in particular so I feel confident that it is doable.


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2 Comments on “A Cardigan for Saila”

  1. Ros Nazilli Says:

    Double pointed needles .. lol.. I hate them… xx

    • JJ ColourArt Says:

      I actually don’t mind them.

      The trick for me is that I knit with a pillow on my lap and that way the needles have a place to rest while you are working, which is particularly important when you are snugging up the first two stitches as you change needles going around. No ladders!

      I know some people knit with the DPNs up in the air but I never could, the pillow was the answer for me.

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