Saila’s New Necklace

I found it a bit tricky to get the scale right with this necklace. I originally started with 6mm beads as accents but after letting sit on my bead board for a couple of days I realized that they were too big. I also felt I needed to use more blue to get something that coordinated with jeans.


I fiddled with this for ages. I was using nylon beading thread and clamshell tips to finish the ends and attach the clasp and it was very fiddly and hard to see. I had several genuine “I want to scream!” moments but managed to persevere. The feather is a charm with an iridescent centre.


She is wearing her original pants and t-shirt, paired with new fuchsia-coloured shoes with a nice bow on one side, her new blue and pink necklace, and a blue sweater from the Cornflower Sky set that Maplelea sells.


Her dolls Belle (on the left) and Maud (on the right in Saila’s arm) like the nice, bright colours on Saila.

I kept changing beads and trying to find smaller ones of the right colour in my stash, and dropping beads all over the floor and after several days I am glad it’s done. I can put away all the beads and get back to cutting borders and sashing for quilts.

Here’s to Saila in pink and blue!


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2 Comments on “Saila’s New Necklace”

  1. murielmakes Says:

    Oh what a lovely new necklace Saila has, it is gorgeous 🙂

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