The Great Hemostat Experiment

The recommendation for turning tubes of fabric for dolls or purse handles, is to use short 6-inch hemostats. It took me a while to scrounge some up but I finally found some Berkley Soft Touch 6-inch Hemostats in a fishing tackle store.

They aren’t medical grade and cost about $7. Considering I’ve never seen these in craft or fabric stores I figured I was doing pretty well to find them at all. Apparently fisherman use them all the time to tie flies and to take hooks out of fish mouths. Who knew?

The experiment was to sew a small tube of about 6 x 1 inch with quarter inch seams and then turn it. I took the serrated edge of the hemostat and clamped it and locked it to the fabric of the tube at the far end. Then I pulled it through, thus turning the tube right side out without stress on the seams and ravelling of fabric. Here are the jaws, grippers like the jaws of barracudas!


It worked.


Someone’s a happy camper, if not a happy fisherman.


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