Quilt Top and Pillow for Doll

I am making this for my childhood baby doll Pammy, but the pattern for the pillow and pillowcase is from the new book for 18-inch dolls I just got called Sew Trendy Fashions & Accessories by Chris Malone. For that reason, my 18-inch Maplelea doll Saila thought she’d model this in-progress project.

I thought I would have to modify the pillow size for the baby doll but it seems in-scale as her head is only slightly smaller than my Maplelea doll Saila’s head. In the book, Chris used lace for trim but I didn’t have any lace so I used a contrasting blue piping (the fabric from the outer quilt border) between the red and white prints.


Now on to sewing and stuffing the mattress/sheet for the cradle, which is cut from the same white fabric print that forms the pillowcase. I’m chipping away at it as I can’t sew too long on the machine but this is coming along nicely.


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2 Comments on “Quilt Top and Pillow for Doll”

  1. murielmakes Says:

    This is looking really wonderful and Saila is doing a beautiful job of modelling it.

    • JJ ColourArt Says:

      Yeah, she wants that pillow but I keep telling her “You don’t have a bed Saila, this is for Pammy.”

      I haven’t done machine quilting for two or more years–can’t remember, so I have to practice a bit before I tackle the quilting.

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