New Free Motion Quilting Foot

When I look at the following comparison, I wonder how I ever got by with the old foot:


I machine quilted about four large quilts, and numerous small things with the foot on the left, which is the darning foot that shipped with my machine 20 years ago. Lately, I have had a few projects that I couldn’t get excited about finishing because they involved wrangling with this old foot for free motion quilting. I have neither the eyesight, nor the energy to cope with that darn foot.

While enquiring about a new foot when I got my sewing machine serviced recently, I was told the newer feet wouldn’t fit my machine but she had an open-toe foot that would be suitable. I actually hugged the thing in its packaging in the store, I was so pleased I wouldn’t have to contend with the limitations of the first foot. I can put this in the category of “The Best $20 I Ever Spent.”

When you start a line of machine quilting you have to raise the bobbin thread to the top surface and hold it with the thread coming out of the needle. You can imagine the fun time I had trying to see to raise the thread or start a line of quilting with the old foot. It was very awkward with the small hole and raised plastic sides, and trying to see through the plastic sides distorted the view, all of which was endlessly fiddly and annoying.

The new foot will also flatten out more surface area while I am quilting and it has red lines for lining up echo quilting if I want to do that.



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4 Comments on “New Free Motion Quilting Foot”

  1. Haha to Bingo Bango.

    I got a new foot (which I still haven’t looked at) with my extension table, which I still haven’t used yet. I have never used one of these free-motion feet so I will have to give it a go at some point. In fact, since I got my new machine, I haven’t done anything but a straight stitch, so I really should experiment!!

    • JJ ColourArt Says:

      It takes some getting used too since the length of your stitches is determined by the movement of your hands as well as the speed you run the machine at.

      My machine makes a particular sound when it’s running at the correct speed for my hands to be able to move successfully with it–a certain sound–nail that and you’re there.

  2. Emmely Says:

    Oh, wow that does look good. So much space to see what you’re actually doing!

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