Pammy Gets New Pants

The first pair of pants fit but had quite a gap at the waist, so I modified the back seam and used less elastic on the second pair and sewed them in a ratty, fraying polyester fabric I had hanging around, using it as a muslin to check the fit.


I could only go so far to reduce the waist and still have it slip over her hips and tummy but it’s much better at least. I’ll scan it in to keep a copy of the modified master. This one was already reduced to 95% when printing and then with my seam modification I want to make sure I have a hard copy and a back-up digital copy.


When I sew the good pair I’m going to have to do a buttonhole stitch by hand first over certain spots like the top of the waist and the bottom of the legs to prevent the seam from fraying and looking bad in those areas.

I have a feeling I’m going to have to do modifications when I sew a top for her but I’ll leave that for a time. I need a break from these fitting issues. I really don’t sew clothes so this was a struggle for me, but I improved it slightly, which is good.


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