Saila’s New Outfit

My husband bought this for me for Christmas. I knew from seeing pictures on the Internet that Saila looks very good in white, black and red clothes. The pants on this outfit are pinwale corduroy in black with red topstitching. I don’t think I could sew these as well and finish the seams to prevent fraying so it was worth it to buy from Maplelea.

The outfit is J’adore la Musique from the wardrobe of the Léonie doll that Maplelea sells. It comes with the red ankle socks too. I think Saila looks better in these colours than she does in her original clothes!


Saila is holding a scrap of fabric from the mattress and pillow I just sewed for Pammy. It is white with a small black and red pattern and would look good on Saila so I am planning to make her a dress and headband of this fabric. Headbands are a cool fashion accessory and Saila is interested in fashion design (it’s in her journal from Maplelea.) She seems keen on the idea of a new dress and refused to take off her new blue headband for this picture.

That Saila, when she gets an idea, no one can talk her out of it. Sheesh.


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