Of Pattern Cutting and Poetry

After someone recommended a book on pattern drafting to me that was out of print, I decided to meander and see what else was available. I don’t want to do draping, and I don’t need fancy shaping techniques and darts because I’m sewing for a child-shaped doll.

I found some books at the library that weren’t quite right but I put holds on them, so will get them at the end of the week.

While browsing online I found a book recommendation for flat pattern drafting by using blocks. Having seen diagrams of this method it made sense to me and seemed appealing. It has basic pieces that you can manipulate and embellish: Pattern Cutting Made Easy: A Step-by-Step Introduction by Gillian Holman—the reprint edition from March 2013 in paperback; ISBN 1849940738


Basic is good, and I can get something that fits by plugging in my doll measurements. I have spent so much money on doll patterns and not many of them fit. Plus, I find basic drafting intriguing; I still have my French curves from when I took a drafting course in 1981.

Of course I was just short of free shipping and after browsing interminably for postcards and playing cards I got into looking at some of the Dover reprints of classics and bought this: Spoon River Anthology by Edgar Lee masters—The Dover Thrift Edition from 1992; ISBN 0486272753 and only $3.33 CAD.


According to Amazon:

“A landmark of 20th-century American literature: a series of over 200 compelling free-verse monologues in which former citizens of a mythical Midwestern town speak touchingly from the grave of the thwarted hopes and dreams of their lives. Reprinted from the authoritative 1915 edition.”

In short, small town America meets the human condition. How could I resist? I have never heard of this book and it’s out of copyright and available for free in several places, including Project Gutenberg, but I find it difficult to read online so bought this inexpensive edition to bump up my order total to get free shipping.

Many of the online reviews have people reminiscing about studying this in school, it’s like an old friend to many Americans. Anyway, for me it will make an Interesting New Thing to Learn About. Plus it’s poetry which I can put on my bookshelves in Poetry Corner and dip into for the rest of my life.

A good deal for three bucks.


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