Finished Hemming Tea Towels Over Two Years Later

I started these in November 2011 and used Knit Picks Shine sport weight yarn. Never again, what a waste of money and time.

It looks fine and feels soft but the yarn itself frays and pulls, it’s slippery (being made of cotton and modal which is a beechwood fibre), and seemed to deteriorate the hour I got it hemmed and started to use one.


I had a smaller third towel that I cut up to use for a book cover. I’m really sorry I bothered to try a bookbinding project with it, and I might discard it.

It’s so disappointing to try a new fibre and have it ruin a project. I stopped buying from Knit Picks because of the poor quality of their yarns and the way some of their colours bleed and bleed. It looks like a great opportunity to get inexpensive yarn but when you consider the time and effort that goes into making something, it’s better to save some money and buy good yarn.

They used to have a great yarn at Knit Picks called Simply Cotton that wove up beautifully but they discontinued it. I have avoided them ever since and these towels only remind me of why. It is discouraging but a learning situation I suppose. I finished it, that was the main thing.

Save up to buy the best materials no matter what your creative discipline is, because it really matters! Don’t use junk, it doesn’t last.


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2 Comments on “Finished Hemming Tea Towels Over Two Years Later”

  1. Roseanne Dix Says:

    what a gorgeously coloured tablescape. who would have thought of using dishcloths as an art form – ? Only my good friend Judith. Love it.

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