Ski Outfit for a Hearts for Hearts Doll

Jacqueline Gibb designed this cute pattern called To Russia with Love for the Olympics. It is sized for both Les Cheries dolls and the Hearts for Hearts dolls. I never thought I could knit this up, but during a knit-along she was offering a free pattern for a dress and purse if you completed it, so I wanted to give it a go.

I plugged away, redoing the first pant leg three times and one of the mittens twice. I was really pleased that I got gauge for this, and wonder of wonders I persevered with the sewing up and it turned out beautifully.

Here is my doll Lark with her new outfit.


I had a bit of trouble working with the eyelash yarn until I saw a tip online to use a strand of regular fingering yarn with it and that made it much easier to work with.


The little felted and embroidered boots she is wearing came with the nightie set for Lilian, another Hearts for Hearts doll.


I learned so much working up this pattern and sewing up the seams and sewing snaps on for the first time on knitting. It was a great experience!


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