Another Two Nighties and Two Smocking Patterns

Three years ago in March I made myself two long nighties out of flannelette from the Kwik Sew 3106 pattern. I made a large size and it was really big so this time I’ll sew up a medium. The Kwik Sew patterns generally run large.

I am still wearing these though and they have held up really well.


In my ignorance, not having sewn any clothes for years, I mistakenly cut the pattern rather than tracing it, and thus destroyed the multiple sizes in the packet. I then discarded the View C pattern pieces entirely since I wasn’t going to sew it. I have since learned that you are supposed to trace the patterns and keep the original, plus I actually do want to sew View C.

I like this pattern because it’s easy and wearable, so I waited and waited and finally there was a half price sale and I bought a new copy of it from Kwik Sew. I desperately need some summer nighties and the short version in View C is perfect. I suppose they are somewhat old-fashioned but this is the style I like. They look a bit fresher in modern fabrics and colours.


Then I hunted up some clearance fabric online at Connecting Threads. The blue fabric was $3.56 a yard and the striped fabric was $2.96 a yard, even better. “Cheap and cheerful” as the saying goes.


I can never find nighties I like in the stores, they are usually too short and then shrink in the wash, and are often made from uncomfortable synthetics. I prefer cotton nighties so I am very pleased that I’ll be able to sew some cotton ones up for summer that won’t cost me a lot.

I’ll keep my eye out for further bargains in fabric and maybe sew up a third one.

Big plans, always big plans, big ideas.

While I was at it I decided to finally order two patterns for 18-inch doll dresses that can be made smocked or plain. I have always wanted to learn to smock, and had thought to do myself up a nightie with a smocked insert but I don’t think I’m quite up to the challenge on an adult smocking project.

In a doll-sized outfit I think it would be manageable, so I bought two patterns from Judith Marquis: The Classic Yoke Dress, which reminds me of Princess Anne and all the baby boomers in the fifties. My older sister has a picture of herself wearing a dress smocked by my Mom which I think might be similar to these.


The second pattern is Dolly Breeze which can be a sleeveless dress or pinafore and comes with an alternate harlequin-pointed skirt. You can also do flat heirloom sewing on the bodice or embroidery, it seems very versatile.

Good things ahead. I like to have plans, it makes for a cheerier outlook in life.

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2 Comments on “Another Two Nighties and Two Smocking Patterns”

  1. Roseanne Dix Says:

    love that blue fabric…and the summer nightie pattern is sweet. Don’t think its dated at all – I see these in our shops all the time. Timeless in fact ! Smocked ones are just too cute. I seem to remember a smocking device on my sewing machine? or am I dreaming???

    • JJ ColourArt Says:

      I think machines can do gathers upon which you sew decorative stitches to simulate smocking, but no machine does actual smocking.

      I thought the blue fabric was a bit different for a nightie–a bit elegant and late eighteenth or early nineteenth century looking.

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