Better Than a New Car or Diamonds

Oooooh, I just got a prezzie from the spouse that is more precious than diamond necklaces or new cars or anything fancy. It’s a whole 36-inch x 20 yard roll of tracing paper. Plus a Monster High doll called Operetta. The double whammy of joy. Total cost about $29.


Remember men, sometimes it’s the smallest things that have the most impact and meaning to women.

Operetta needs to get busy and sand and urethane our pine floors. In the meantime she’s relaxing with the other gals Page and Skelita. (Click to enlarge)


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5 Comments on “Better Than a New Car or Diamonds”

  1. Jess Says:

    Do you just collect them or are you making clothes and things for them? I feel like when I was a little child and someone have a new Barbie… Oh I can I play whit yours so can you have mine?

    • JJ ColourArt Says:

      Hi Jess! I have ordered two sewing patterns for them. One is a collection of Dresses and one is for Separates like pants, jackets, tops and variations.

      I don’t collect them, or rather I didn’t intend to, but once I saw that I could sew and knit for them it made them more appealing. They are about the size of a Barbie in height but much different body, much smaller bust, so you can make them things from the tiniest scraps, which also appealed to me since I have lots of small scraps from years of quilting.

      Once I get the patterns I will do another post on that and sewing for them.

  2. Roseanne Dix Says:

    Om my goodness…that was unexpected !!! What fun. Rather different from the others Im used to. Now the tracing paper gift – NOW youre talking. !! So am waiting for all the new beauty to emerge.

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