The First of Two Summer Nighties

I love this pattern because it is so uncomplicated to cut out and sew. This view was even easier than the long-sleeved version that I previously made two winter nighties from. My new tracing paper came in handy and I was able to trace the pattern off and not worry about cutting into the original pattern.

Kwik Sew 3106, View C, without the lace trim. I added 1/2-inch to the length of the sleeve hems and the bottom hem to allow a bit more fabric for sewing the hems the regular way. My regular way being to press them under 1/4-inch and then turn up 1/2-inch for the sleeves and 1-inch for the bottom hem.


I think I will probably adjust the pattern to add two inches to the length when I do the second one. I’d add more but the remaining fabric I have is only 3 yards (not meters as we use in Canada) so there won’t be enough for more. I bought the fabric from Connecting Threads.

Easy to sew and I finished the seams with a zigzag stitch to prevent fraying as these seams are only 1/4-inch and the seam finish keeps them from falling apart. You don’t press the seams open, they get pressed to one side, so a seam finish keeps them together and nice and flat when you do the hems.

This pattern is way, way over-sized. I made the large size before and it was huge, so this time I dropped down to a size small which seems comparable to size 14 or 16, so not exactly small, I would consider that a medium. This size is not too baggy and muumuu-like, but not too tight; just right for summer.

It’s so nice to complete something successfully.



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2 Comments on “The First of Two Summer Nighties”

  1. Roseanne Dix Says:

    Judith !!! everything you do is successful – I can go back many years to wonderfully successful artwork !!

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