More Fiddling with Prismacolor Coloured Pencil Charts

Today’s imperative was to get lightfastness charts and do up actual colour sample of the Prismacolor Verithin pencils in my set of 36.

My Verithins were in the usual mess, and while there wasn’t a blank chart available for them I printed out the Verithin colour chart with lightfastness ratings and then drew samples of each colour on there. Before I printed it I took out all the fancy borders and titling in Photoshop.

So now the Verithin pencils are all in order and I have a good reference chart.


There is no lightfastness chart for every Prismacolor pencil, so I made do with the one they had. Unfortunately I forgot to take out all the black and colouring and I wasted some ink printing this. Great design, but it’s not too practical for printing.

Here are the two lightfastness charts together.


I love Verithins, they never seem to wear down much and they are great for detailing, making edges crisp and such.



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2 Responses to More Fiddling with Prismacolor Coloured Pencil Charts

  1. rodanix says:

    ‘there was no chart so I made one” and that of course, is exactly what my dear friend Jude is all about. You are one amazing lady -. Always in awe of your multiple talents.

    • JJ ColourArt says:

      I got the basic chart from the manufacturer, and the other two were created by other people and provided for free, so I can’t take credit. Honestly Rose, these colour charts have been a miracle. I can’t figure out why I never bothered before. It blows all that guessing away when seeing what colours might be suitable.

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