My Faber-Castell Polychromos Pencils Arrive

Not that I was waiting for them or anything. I was dancing around singing about the Purolator man coming, and he finally came at Noon today.

The order was perfect with no mistakes in the open stock pencils I ordered. After checking the packing slip against my printed order and removing the barcodes, I spent 30 minutes taking the sticky residue off the extras I purchased using Goo Gone and then wiping the shafts with water and drying them. Somewhat tedious as some of them needed to be cleaned three times but they were sticking together so I had to.

Fortunately they all came sharpened as did the pencils in the set of 24. What a relief as I only have a tiny hand sharpener. Here they are ready to go on the colour chart.


I downloaded the chart designed by Lianne Williams in a PDF file (while you’re looking at Lianne’s blog check out her lovely artwork), and I appreciate that she’s put in the lightfastness ratings too. I entered a title and an explanation of the lightfastness ratings using the Typewriter function in Foxit Reader, my preferred PDF program, which unlike Adobe Reader offers some basic editing functions. Then I printed it on cardstock and sprayed it with Krylon. I don’t spray with a fixative after I lay the colours down as it can sometimes change the colours and I want an accurate record of what they actually look like.

All the colours I bought are great except for Violet and Purple Violet as they are almost the same. Although I do notice the lay down in the light shade is easier and covers more with the slightly lighter Violet so it won’t be a total waste of money. Still, had I known I would have bought another colour. The Dark Indigo and the Dark Sepia are gorgeous. I can see using those instead of graphite for monochromatic drawings.


So I am really pleased and looking forward to the four-day Easter weekend. My husband has a small sketchbook and set of student-grade watercolours at work that he’s going to bring home and we thought we could both sit at the card table and mess around.

I will be messing around with the two opening pages of my Chilean sketchbook (a pretend travel journal) finally. I was so sorry to hear of the forest fires that have destroyed part of the Chilean city of Valparaiso during the week. As well as the loss of life, about 2500 families are homeless. There are so many museums and historic homes and architecture in that city. It is quite special, so I hope they can recover from the death and destruction.

The second page of this journal is devoted to an opening sweep of Santiago architecture with some poetry by Pablo Neruda, I am hoping to draw a male Jewel Lizard (Liolaemus tenuis) which is pretty neat. Wikipedia says “Other names are slender lizard and thin lizard. It is endemic to Chile.” I also see it referred to as the Thin Tree Lizard and there are a couple of species—always confusing.


He really does look like a jewel. My picture of him will be small as he will be roving over titling, but what better movement for a lizard to do? Show off.



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4 Responses to My Faber-Castell Polychromos Pencils Arrive

  1. rodanix says:

    cant wait to see this. memories of a beautiful “lizard’; a long time ago. remember ??

    • JJ ColourArt says:

      I think you are referring to my iguana, the first coloured pencil/watercolour pencil thing I did on Rives BFK paper–postcard size. I paired that with an antique mother-of-pearl button and some stencilled leaves from my garden. Totally not a true environment, but I got a kick out of it. Is that the one you are thinking about?

      That was all outlined in a Micron pen which I liked but someone on an art forum pooh-poohed it. I guess he didn’t like comic illustrations.

      I was supposed to draw up a marvelous photograph you did of a chameleon–loved that picture, but it’s another one I never got around to.

      I seem to be attracted to green or blue lizardy fellows.

  2. ironwing says:

    These look nice – I especially like the color choices in your open stock “set” at the top of the photo. I hope you have fun with these!

    • JJ ColourArt says:

      Thanks Lorena. You won’t believe how many hours I spent about which colours to buy in open stock.

      I am hoping to get to the art shop on the weekend to get a Global Art canvas pencil case–they are sturdy and zippered so I put these and the 16 Derwent Inktense pencils I bought in a case and keep them secure.

      While there I might be able to slip 9 Derwent Coloursoft coloured pencils into my cart, just so I can try them and mix them with the Derwent drawing pencils I already have. I have just enough room in the pencil case for 9 of those. ;-0))))

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