Get the Old Watercolour Pad Out to Use

A local artist gave this to me about ten years ago. It is Clairefontaine cold-pressed 140 lb/300 gsm paper, so it’s very nice, but I always felt it was too nice to use. Don’t we all do that? God forbid you should use the good paper.


About six years ago I commemorated my Bluepoint Siamese cat Greenie who died of kidney failure on the cover, and glued some Dover clip art flowers that I’d tinted blue on the inside of the cover, which is covered in Contac paper. Then of course, it was REALLY too good for me to use.

I get teary whenever I look at his portrait. We kept him alive for seven months with sub-cutaneous liquids, but he hated it. He’d crash, we’d bring him back to life with a vet visit and sub-cutaneous fluids, then he’d crash again, until it was too late. He died in February and we asked the vet to keep him in the freezer until May when we could bury him. He was a grand champion in the neutered class, we adopted him after his show career was over, and his health was never robust, but to die at the age of six was a tragedy, which we still feel, like we failed him.

Look at this face, his dignity and depth of soul is so apparent:




No matter how weepy it makes me feel, this watercolour pad is going to waste, so I think I will do my watercolour flower tutorials in here. If I’m lucky I might be able to use both sides of the paper, although one side has faint grid lines from the paper mould.

Dear Greenie, dead too young, I would like something happy to be in your book finally. Flowers are a happy thing.




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4 Responses to Get the Old Watercolour Pad Out to Use

  1. murielmakes says:

    Sometimes things really do have to be used, and I think using it for your flower tutorials is a wonderful idea.

  2. rodanix says:

    AH Jude – I remember this episode. Sad to remember.. Looking forward to seeing what happens now. Yes indeed Flowers are Happy things.

    • JJ ColourArt says:

      I like flowers, all plants are interesting. My sister bought a split stone cactus, and I might try to hunt one up in a garden centre today. They are hard to keep and often over-watered.

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