Oh Yes, I Bought Three Watercolour Books

Yeah, but two of them are for the spouse, so I guess I’m safe.

I noticed Amazon had a copy of a book I’ve had on my wish list since last summer. Figuring this was a sign, and encouraged by some examples I had seen online of an artist working through this book, I ordered it.

The Watercolor Flower Painter’s A-Z by Adelene Fletcher


For my husband, who likes landscapes and barn scenes, which are not really an interest of mine unless there is a flower vase sitting in front of a window showing a landscape, I bought these two.

I have Richard Taylor’s marvelous book The Watercolourist’s Guide to Painting Buildings, which is the best book I have on the subject, so when I saw he had a book called Watercolour Landscapes I thought it would be good for the spouse. Who knows, maybe I can do a mountain scene with a vase of flowers stuck in front of it.


The book that many consider essential is by Gordon MacKenzie and I notice he has two books gathered into one called The Complete Watercolorist’s Essential Notebook, so I bought that for the husband too. Judging from what he has told me about looking at YouTube videos on watercolour, he would like this and the demos in it. Perhaps this is sexist but I seem to notice he prefers tutorials by men, maybe he feels more confortable?


I’ve got to stop buying art technique books, but I want to make sure everything is in place for his retirement. This way he has his own books to work through. I need to buy him a palette like my portable one and then he’s all set.



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