Sewing the Bucket Hat by Oliver & S

This hat pattern was published in a book, but the designer has also chosen to offer a free PDF file for the pattern. I really appreciate when designers do this.

The pattern is sized for children so to make it in adult size you just choose a custom scale when printing. This one is a test run and I printed the pattern at 109.5% but I think the crown might be too big. It fits but it might be too large for my husband, whom I made the hat for. This was made from scraps so I could trial fit it and adjust if necessary before making it in the good fabrics I bought.

The pattern calls for 1/2-inch seams but I have a metric sewing plate on my machine and just used the 1 cm line for my seam allowance. It measures about 3/8-inch so a tiny bit smaller than the pattern calls for. I also did not trim my seam allowances down as the pattern says to do.

I modified the construction using instructions from Jessica on her blog. It’s a fabulously helpful tutorial and avoids the rather awkward sewing together outlined in the original pattern.

The other neat trick I tried was to use the continuous spiral method to sew the 1/4-inch topstitching on the brim. Wow, the things you learn online! To do this you start your first line off the edge and gradually curve it up to the 1/4-inch measurement as called for in the pattern, and the stitching will spiral around preventing you from having to stop and start to start a new line. You can see this more clearly in my image of the lining. I used a quarter-inch quilting foot to follow the edge of the stitching and get accurate lines.

Not bad, I actually did this from cutting to sewing the brim in one day. Mind you I was at it for about eight hours. I am slow to work.


This being the start of gardening season, it’s a good way to sew up some sun hats without too much trouble. I hope to have the second one sewn in two days, once I check the fit of this one.


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4 Responses to Sewing the Bucket Hat by Oliver & S

  1. rodanix says:

    NICE NICE NICE !!! Reminded me that years ago I made hats. they were such fun. Your work is always so precise and professional. Beautiful always

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