My Second Bucket Hat by Oliver & S

Got it! After some comparison of draft print-outs, I decided to enlarge the pattern to 102% and it fits perfectly. I would consider this an adult small to medium size. I pre-washed the cotton so it won’t shrink when I wash it at the end of the season.

The spouse has been using an old sun hat that he bought 39 years ago for his first trip to a cottage in Canada after coming here to live from overseas. He is reluctant to part with it for sentimental reasons, so I offered to make him a new one and we bought the fabric in March. Due to poor health and a finger infection I’m only getting to sew it this week. Just in time for heavy duty summer gardening.

As you can see by the comparison below, he needed a new hat. The first one I made was too big but now he has one that’s perfect and he chose the fabrics himself.


He loves bugs and is always picking them up to show me so I think the cheery bug fabric is appropriate. The deep blue lining has lovely swirling stars in it to denote the sky he works under in the garden.


The only thing I changed when sewing this smaller version was to edge stitch the seam allowance on both the crown and down by where the brim and cap are joined. It makes it lie better yet still keeps the reversibility of the pattern.

Today’s fascinating finished project!



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2 Responses to My Second Bucket Hat by Oliver & S

  1. rodanix says:

    what more to say – these are stunningly beautiful. I WANT !!!!

    • JJ ColourArt says:

      Thanks, they are cute aren’t they? What I really, really like is that it was a free pattern.

      If you notice, people that release good free patterns get tons of people making the item and lots of images and publicity of the good results. It’s like gold.

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