Always Something New To Do

I’m all over the place as usual.

Finding that I need some Cadmium Red for painting my tutorials, I have had to wait until this weekend to get to Curry’s to buy some. I’m also tired of knocking over glasses of water when I’m trying to paint, so I’m going to investigate some kind of water bucket with a flat bottom and compartments. They don’t have a great selection in little brush basins but they have a couple for about $6 to $7.

I have a few projects in mind and decided I needed a small boost in informational books. It’s hard to believe but I bought one more embroidery book. I liked this one because it is set up like a textbook where you follow each exercise chapter by chapter. Crewel Embroidery: A Practical Guide by Shelagh Amor has been ordered but will take a few weeks since it’s coming from Book Depository.




Lots of plans, lots of dreams.


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