Water Containers, Brushes, Paper: Today’s Necessary Art Supplies

I hadn’t intended to buy paper but they had big 11 x 15 sheets of Canson 140 lb. paper in a pad of thirty for only $10 and considering I have no large-sized paper to work on I figured it would be ideal for my book tutorials. It is a student grade paper but not bad for practice.

I bought some tubes of Van Gogh watercolour and some spritzer bottles for field work. The brushes are student grade but I bought a #14, #10, and a #8—I call these “big splodgers” or just “splodgers” and they are much larger than the brushes I have so I can put big splodges of watercolour wash down as instructed in my book tutorials.

The two big water containers are a bucket with two sections, a handle, holes for standing brushes upright, and the lid is a plastic palette; the other smaller one is a set of three nesting containers that snap together when taken apart and are nice and stable. No tipping with either one. I don’t know what it is, but if there’s a glass of water around, whether for drinking or for painting I inevitably knock it over, so this seemed like a good solution, particularly since I use at least two water containers when painting. (Click to enlarge.)


I was quite pleased with this, and feel I’m ready to go now. Of course I have to update my colour samples to show the new colours as I must have everything exact.

You’d probably never guess it from the supplies I have talked about on this blog, but I dislike shopping, and am relieved to be home. I have grown used to being isolated, yet I had a nice chat in the hardware store with a fellow who was buying a grass trimmer. I’d done online research on several sale models the night before and explained the limitations of the product he was looking at and some of the things to watch out for. It was nice to talk to a real person for a change but I do like to come home.



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2 Responses to Water Containers, Brushes, Paper: Today’s Necessary Art Supplies

  1. murielmakes says:

    Some great and very practical supplies there, what a good idea both the bucket with the pallet lid and the click together containers are….I don’t know about you but when I have a drink near my painting I have been known to put my paintbrush in it instead of the water!

    • JJ ColourArt says:

      No, that hasn’t happened to me yet but I can see where it would.

      Yeah, I thought the water containers were fab–never considered them before, but this month I knocked over water three times and finally had enough.

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