Crewel Intentions Coming My Way

In the end, I just couldn’t stand not having this book. I have been crazy about Jacobean designs since I was a teenager. I would never have thought to approach working them in threads without the work of Hazel Blomkamp because I don’t like using wool in embroidery.

Years ago I used stranded wool Persian yarn for needlepoint and didn’t mind it, but I am so used to using cotton now and like the sheen and feel of it. As well, I do have some silk floss and silk twist threads that would be perfect for this.


Crewel Intentions by Hazel Blomkamp is the follow-up book to Crewel Twists which is a book I recently bought. Mary Corbet did a recent review of the new book and after looking at other pictures online I decided to buy it.

I don’t have the money for fancy silk and metallic threads or expensive beads and embellishments, but that’s where creativity come out in such art, you use what you have and make it interesting. The colours in this are wonderful combined with new patterns. I particularly like the checked patterns and variations.

Hazel also has some stumpwork in this, an art which I have never really liked, but some of the modern books do very nice things with flowers and bugs in stumpwork, so you never know. I ordered a book on inter-library loan by Jane Nicholas called Stumpwork Medieval Flora that I liked because I have several reproductions in my collection of books about illuminated manuscripts of the Book of Hours she was inspired by.


I’m not entirely sure I would have the patience for stumpwork but Jane does wonderful insects and has an entire book devoted to beetles which was very intriguing. She really does use obscure, expensive threads and metallic threads for her bugs so I was wary of buying books I might not use.

Thank goodness for libraries and inter-library loans, which so far are free if you are a library patron.



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