We Need an Entrepreneur for Computer Printers

The big printer companies, whether it be for inkjet or laser peripherals, seem to have adopted a business model where you replace your peripheral every year or two because:

– The nozzles are irreparably clogged
– It costs more to repair than to buy new
– The software does not work with your operating system or someone else’s
– The software has no useable features, it just takes up room on the hard drive and interferes with other programs
– The paper jams continually
– The scanner is so low resolution that it can’t scan well, including flat and three-dimensional objects (which means everything)
– The ink runs out too fast or is too costly
– It doesn’t work
– It never worked


So here’s my proposal: a NEW company that produces printers that last and have good software, not a bunch of extraneous bumph from third parties that wrecks the operating system. Many companies know there are problems with the software but sell it anyway. Give me software that works and has features but not extra crud that can’t do what I want.

Make it so I can clean the nozzles.
Make it so the scanner is decent


Yes, okay, you won’t have the money from sales of printers and ink sales to build a seven story office building in every major city in the world, with thousands of employees, but I know you’ll have extremely good sales, a profitable company, and interest from good engineers and designers. You’ll be the go-to company in innovation, the one with the plan.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T and word of mouth can drive sales to incredible heights and lead to more business opportunities and thus more money and sales.

All from one simple step of producing a printer that works.




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2 Comments on “We Need an Entrepreneur for Computer Printers”

  1. paleomanuel Says:

    If at least one big fish hear you! I support you!

    • JJ ColourArt Says:

      I wish. Even if one did come along, they would grow and make money and then get bought out by one of the big printers companies, who would then stop making the good printers.

      Honestly, this is the standard business model of today, it’s such a shame.

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