Another Nightie and New Sewing Patterns

I finished short summer nightie number three from Kwik Sew 3106. On this one I also made a ruffle in addition to adding a couple of inches at the lengthen and shorten line. I felt that the last ruffle I did at twice the width was a bit stiff, so this time I made it 1.5 times the width and I like it much better.

The fabric I used has a larger motif so I had to centre it on the pieces before cutting. That worked out well and the colour is lovely on me.




Encouraged by this, I’ve been searching for either a shirt or pants pattern for a couple of weeks. Pants are notoriously hard to fit but I bought a pattern when McCall’s and Kwik Sew had a sale on this week. These are pretty basic with elastic in a casing at the waist, but I thought it I could get a good fit I could make them out of light denim and corduroy in different colours. I might try the shorts first and make a “muslin” using fabric scraps as they use less fabric. Kwik Sew 3345.


As well, I bought two shirt patterns. The first is Kwik Sew 3555, a plain yoke shirt with no darts and long or short sleeves with a shirt tail hem and collar stand. This might look a bit blocky, but would be nice under a sweater for winter. I’m so tired of wearing knit shirts all the time.


This McCall’s 6076 pattern costs $18.95 plus tax up here in Canada but McCall’s had a 3-day sale and I managed to buy it for $3.99 plus shipping and tax for much less. I’ve had my eye on this for some time as it’s fitted with princess seams, has a soft collar and is one of the Palmer and Pletsch patterns with extra fitting notes and sizes.


It has quite a wide facing at the front so I’m not sure about that but it looks really stylish. Fitting princess seams is a bit tricky, so I also bought the Palmer and Pletsch Fit for Real People book that has all kinds of information. One of the things I’ve always found confusing about fitting is where exactly to make the adjustments if a conventional pattern does not fit and this has extensive information on that.


So here I am, every hopeful of tackling the fitting issue that has kept me from sewing clothes for decades. I switched to quilts in 1984 because they are forgiving size-wise, but I’ve always wanted to be able to make myself some nice clothes. The patterns today are so much easier than they were in the 1970s and 1980s when I tried so hard to sew clothing. Plus there are all kinds of tutorials and videos on the Internet to help with such things.

It will require patience, but once you get the fit right it’s simply a matter of watching for fabric sales and making multiple items from your perfect pattern. Having done this with sewing patterns for nighties for three years I really think that if I take the time I can do it.



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2 Comments on “Another Nightie and New Sewing Patterns”

  1. murielmakes Says:

    Love the nightie! It is really nice and looks very well made. Good luck with your pants making, I will look forward to seeing the results.

    • JJ ColourArt Says:

      Thanks Lorraine. I am a bit hesitant to make pants because of the fitting problem but I only have one pair of pants. My other pair got wrecked when the red juice from aphids stained them in the garden–must have been some polyester blend.

      I am not one of those people who has gobs of clothes, but one pair of pants is getting ridiculous. Sheesh.

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