Finally That Handbag!

I bought the purse pattern A Pocket Full of Sunshine by Natalie Ross in April 2013, and hauled it out again in May 2014. After buying embroidery patterns from Kate & Rose, I realized I wanted to use them instead of the pattern that came with the the Natalie Ross pattern. Then I got sidetracked making practice pieces and a birthday present but I’m back to this now since I need a new purse for winter.

I felt the patchwork and ruffles were a bit cutesy for what I wanted, so I’m cutting the purse in two main prints only. The main black print with the grapes and leaves is a lovely, heavy polished cotton I bought to make decorative pillows ten years ago. I never made them because I knew the cats would wreck them, so it sat until a recent re-discovery. It’s perfect for an autumnal purse.

I found her flap pattern slightly off in symmetry from left to right, so I scanned the right half into Photoshop and flipped it to get a second side, and re-did the labels and got rid of the distracting linework for the embroidery. After printing and taping the two sides together, I glued it to a heavy board for tracing onto fabric and batting.


I outlined the template onto tracing paper so I could use the printed motifs from the Kate & Rose Bewitching Botanicals, and move them around to decide how to place the embroidery on the flap.


Having finished, you can see that it’s less twee, a bit more classic than the original embroidery design. I’m in my fifties, I don’t do cute.


Serendipity: I decided to flip the design when tracing it on my flap fabric, a softly monochromatic botanical print. I traced the outer line in a fine permanent marker since it will eventually be cut off and I used an HB pencil for tracing the motifs. I needed a fairly dark line in order to see it on the coloured fabric. I placed it to get the print of the fabric to fill in some of the open areas at left and right to balance the entire look of the flap.


The soft green is a quilting cotton but it seemed a bit light so I decided to baste a layer of thin cotton batiste under it since this will be fairly heavily embroidered. I basted around the motifs and edges of the flap to keep it from puckering.


I tested it in my embroidery hoop and it seems to be nice and flat, so I’m ready to go. I will be trying out my new Valdani perle cotton for outlining this, so it’s exciting to finally get going.


I use a 6-inch hoop because I’ve tried larger ones and just don’t get the tautness and control I need. Embroidery frames are hard for me to use with my tendinitis, so I use what works for me. This little hoop and I have created many interesting things over the last two decades.



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2 Comments on “Finally That Handbag!”

  1. murielmakes Says:

    This is going to be really lovely…reminds me of a similar project pack I have lurking somewhere…

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