Embroidery Progress and New Threads

I am doing well on my purse flap. I just have to outline the motif on the left and then I can start filling it in.


The woman I was trying to order some variegated Presencia Finca #12 perle cotton kindly reduced the shipping price so I could afford to buy three balls that I special ordered.

I tried them as soon as they arrived and really like the thread. I think I like it slightly better than the Valdani I am using in my purse flap. The spacing of the dye seems better in the Finca, less subtle and the thread definition seems better too. It’s a shame that it is so hard to find.

This is an old piece of quilting cotton that I am filling up with trial runs of various threads and stitches. At some point when it’s filled up I will use it for a purse of some sort. I have marked the respective trials of the Finca in this image.


I am gradually chipping away at these projects, but I make a lot of things in several disciplines so it might take a while to complete, or not.


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10 Responses to Embroidery Progress and New Threads

  1. Roseanne Dix says:

    what a gorgeous pic of those balls of brilliant colour. Cant believe how gorgeous your stitches are – actually of course I believe !! Your work is perfection.

  2. murielmakes says:

    These are such pretty colours and your work is beautiful! Looking forward to seeing more.

  3. Roseanne Dix says:

    Jude in my life Ive had numerous teachers. those who I remember so well were they who encouraged me . Even tho my work/dance/art might be sorely lacking in expertise, they pushed me to do better and told me I was good. I had one teacher who knocked everything I did and yet I still achieved HONOURS – so not sure which approach was right, but I think encouragement is what works for me and I love to pass that feeling on to friends who deserve it….and my dear, NOBODY deserves it more than you. I don’t think you’ve ever needed encouragement – your talent is prodigious but like all we artist, you are humble.

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