Patterns for a Doll for an 18-inch Doll

Finally, Gini Simpson is offering the patterns I wanted in PDF format for download. Last year I tried to buy these from the States. Each pattern is only four pages but it would have cost me about $20 for one pattern, so I put it off the burner.

This year she had them at her Etsy shop, including a 20% discount if you bought two patterns so I bought these two as an early Christmas present. You can alter these or paint them differently, there are all kinds of possibilities for customizing them. I bought two styles, one with conventional stuffed arms joined with buttons, and one with twigs or similar for legs and arms. Plus, one is a cat, we all like a cat pattern, right?


I am looking forward to making these for Saila’s doll collection. She is too. I guess this means I might sew her a new dress to go with her new dollies.

Hug Maud close Saila, you will soon have some other toys.




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2 Comments on “Patterns for a Doll for an 18-inch Doll”

  1. Roseanne Dix Says:

    Ah Jude what a very dear posting ! Wish youd send me those Christmas Dolls -!!! Id forgotten how pretty Saila is – such a sweet child.

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