Embroidery History, Painting History, Pema Chodron, and Books

What does Pema Chodron have to do with embroidery and painting? Nothing directly, but after getting her book Taking the Leap out from the library and viewing some of her videos on YouTube, I thought I’d buy inexpensive paperbacks of four of her other books so I have a readily available collection. Short but punchy, full of the reality of life for us all and some helpful measures to accept that.


Due to my interest in history and needlework, if I find good books on the subject, I try to get them, preferably used. I managed to find all four books by Thomasina Beck that are mostly out of print. The latest, Gardening with Silk and Gold is a revised edition of an earlier book Embroidered Gardens. I love parterres and plants in needlework, so these all looked good with a large dose of history and photographs.


After seeing a television documentary on the painter Edouard Manet for the second time, I decided to buy a used copy of the book The Private Lives of the Impressionists by Sue Roe that I ordered and read from the library some years ago. It is just too good so I want to read it again and get my husband to read it too.


I often say on this blog that I am just sneaking in a book before the money runs out, but when I buy used books it allows me to sneak more in!

Who am I kidding, books are my life.



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