Papier Maché, Persian Designs for Quilts, and Food Allergies

I guess I have too wide-ranging a focus on creative subjects. I like to do everything. Perhaps because of my desperation in finding good books on making boxes or embroidering boxes, I am always looking for techniques.

In one of the used embroidery books I got this week, I found a catalogue from 1993 for craft books. The woman who owned the book in the UK seems to have belonged to one of these clubs and the catalogue listed an old book on papier maché and had examples of boxes. In looking it up I saw that there were plenty of old copies available for $1. Say no more!

This book is by Lone Halse and translated by Tim Bowler. I think Halse is Norwegian, so I thought this would give a different angle, a European angle missing from the usual books we get over here. Plus he or she has two boxes on the cover.


I bought a couple more used books on the subject. What can I say, they just came up while I was browsing at ABE.

Paper into Pots by Gerry Copp looked interesting although I could not find samples of projects or pages. Some great examples of painting on the cover made this look like a good buy.


I bought another book by Juliet Bawden recently on making boxes but the one below was specific to papier maché and also looked good: The Art and Craft of Papier Mache. It looks like they use moulds for some of these bowls and pots, or at least the old trick of using a balloon as a form. I liked on another cover for this book that she had made decorative plates with botanical type designs, which seemed like a good way to showcase art.

Art and CraftpapierMache_sm

I’ve been working on a quilt for a few years and got stumped when filling an area with floral appliqué so I stopped. While I have some patterns and ideas from books they were not exactly what I envisioned but I had too vague an idea of shapes that I wanted. I have some ideas from clip art books and designs but I saw this book by Dover and decided to buy a used copy as it had designs much closer to what I am imagining. Persian Designs and Motifs for Artists and Craftsmen by Ali Dowlatshahi is the one I am waiting for and hopefully will help kickstart that quilt again.


I also bought two books on food allergies in the hope that they might help me pin down some less obvious sensitivities I think I have.

The Food Allergy Survival Guide also has recipes.


Food Allergies and Food Intolerance goes more into elimination diets, identification of problems and treatment approaches.


So that’s me on the informative used book trail for the past ten days or so.



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2 Comments on “Papier Maché, Persian Designs for Quilts, and Food Allergies”

  1. I totally get it. I have to constantly reel myself in and focus! Nice books! I love decoupage but have found that paper mache forms are limited and expensive! Do you recommend any of these in particular for making your own paper mache?

    • JJ ColourArt Says:

      I don’t know yet until I see them as there was such scant information online about them. I will let you know.

      Some of my bookbinding books tell you how to make boxes from illustration board. I’m pretty sure you could use a tutorial like that and gesso the box before decoupaging on it to get a smooth surface.

      I know what you mean about the existing forms, they all seem to be circular or very deep when I want a 2-inch deep rectangle.

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