Artsy Cards for Eye Candy and Rumination

I keep saying this, but this is definitely the end of the Christmas books as I am over budget. Fortunately, as the new and used books roll in via the post, they will keep on giving throughout next year. I am going to learn and do a lot of new things, which I like.

I have an animal deck with art by Sue Lion, but she has two others, one with mythology and one with nature and some wonderful trees. There are those of us who love trees and like a suitable picture. If you’re interested in a nice present for someone, try Sue’s lovely art and words. She has different gifts and ways to display and use her artwork.

She refers to these as “Affirmation Cards” but I refer to them as “art cards.” Same diff. Both images are © Sue Lion. This is the nature-based EartHeart deck:


And the beautiful Magic & Myth deck:


I stumbled across Beverly King’s interpretation of the Buddhist Lojong slogans. She arranged and photographed some delightful nature-inspired images and has a booklet too. I managed to get a copy but she is down to one copy and hopefully will be re-printing the deck if you are interested. Image © 2014 Beverly King.


Bev also cites some relevant books. Oh no not that, I am nothing without a relevant book. So I bought one by Norman Fischer called Training in Compassion which is a commentary on the Lojong sayings. I felt that was geared more toward Westerners and I have several Pema Chodron books I bought recently so wanted a different commentary than hers.


Good thoughts and images: a good focus, is always a fine thing.



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2 Comments on “Artsy Cards for Eye Candy and Rumination”

  1. Roseanne Dix Says:

    Oh Jude, these are just too beautiful. Of course you aren’t buying any more….we all know that, don’t we

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