Resurrecting Quilt Blocks Again

I took this project out again that I started about 20 to 22 years ago. I originally started it after my Mother died because the little sunbonnets reminded me of the cloche style hats popular in the 1920s when my Mom was born. I finally finished all twelve of them, but it has been disappointing because the background fabric has developed some foxing on it.

I don’t really like sunbonnet blocks but I want to finish these and despite a bit of foxing here and there on the background fabric they are useable. Here are six of them.


Here are the three fabrics I bought sometime in the 1990s to use as sashing, border and backing. While looking at them today I see at least one of them could be used for a cloth doll I am planning of Frida Kahlo. The focus fabric and flowers I bought for the Frida doll are shown over the top of the sunbonnet trio.


My plan is to just do a simple sashing and get the sunbonnets together into a lap quilt and stabilized to use and enjoy. An important lesson for me is not to used cheaper general purpose dress fabric, but buy good quilting fabric for the background of appliqué blocks or anything else in a quilt.

I spent a couple of hours today doing the simple feather stitch embroidery on the last four hats and just would like to see this finished after twenty years. I will probably work on both projects concurrently. I just got my sewing machine back from cleaning and repair so I hopefully can start sewing again.

Anyway, bright fiesta fabrics are good for the soul in the winter. One of my cats died this week after 18 months of illness, so it was not a great week.


Good pets and good mothers are hard to lose.



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