Sunbonnet Layout

Ho hum, but at least it’s done. Years ago I had planned some sort of fancy border with skipping ropes and little girls but I am quite pleased so far with this neat and tidy layout. Three days ago the loose blocks were stuck in a cupboard and now it’s going to be done. I put the best blocks toward the top and the plainer ones with more foxing on the bottom.  The little girl on the bottom left has the most foxing spots on her background. That’s what you get for wearing a pink pindot fabric with green pindot sleeves to the party.


All I have to do is sew the sashing strip rows onto the main rows and then sew the whole thing together. If my arthritic index finger holds up I might be finished tomorrow, but it’s more likely to be a two-day job. Pinning that much always causes my finger to swell and hurt.

Then I’m putting a 2.5-inch border on in a more monotone lilac print. I will bind it in dark green which should make it pop.

I think I have some quilt batting that is big enough. If not I’ll have to buy some and I’m trying to avoid that. I have lots of fabric of various prints for backing. I just want to keep some momentum going. I baste quilts in a floor frame and then machine quilt, so if I keep going without getting distracted, I have a good chance to finish this.

Oh, I just noticed that I spoke about these sunbonnet blocks in February 2009. At that time four of them still needed to be appliquéd and embroidered, so now they’re done and almost into a full quilt. It only took me almost six years after I first spoke of them. You see why I need to get them done?

I am planning to use the quilt in the chair in my bedroom, which is my sanctuary corner during bouts of insomnia.




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4 Comments on “Sunbonnet Layout”

  1. Roseanne Dix Says:

    ah yes, the SUNBONNET SERIES> how well I remember. This is looking good Jude.

    • JJ ColourArt Says:

      Thanks Rose. In looking at it I am disappointed because I had planned something much more inventive. But in feeling the cloth and using it, I am happy.

      Sometimes you just have to use things rather than letting them sit in dark cupboards.

  2. It is always satisfying to finish a UFO. I’ve been working on a quilt since 2007 and it WILL be finished in 2015.

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