Parker 51 Fountain Pen, New Journal, and Waterman Tender Purple Ink

I was reading the book The Social Life of Ink: Culture, Wonder, and Our Relationship with the Written Word by Ted Bishop which is an interesting book. He mentioned he had an old Parker 51 fountain pen, so I got mine out that was given to my sister circa 1963 and eventually came to me. Sure enough, it is a Parker 51 Aerometric pen.


I had last used it 20 years ago, maybe longer, and I remember I had used Parker Quink blue ink in it. I threw that ink out last year. Ted mentioned in his book that there is a mammoth online forum called the Fountain Pen Network which has all kinds of information on cleaning pens and what ink to use. So I looked there and they said to flush my Parker pen with cool water. It takes a while to flush it but over the last week I did that. Wipe, flush, flush, wipe, on and on.

Then I ordered some Waterman bottled ink for it in the colour Tender Purple. I was tired of blue and I didn’t feel green was what I wanted, so I bought the purple. The Parker 51 pens are often described as working with any ink, but I wanted a good ink that was identified as specifically working with this pen as the Waterman ink was.




I had to find some way of writing regularly with my resurrected pen, so I started a Gratitude Journal with a lined journal from Peter Pauper Press.


We pen geeks hide in the shadows, waiting for a prompt toward expansive colours of ink. You never know where reading a book will take you. Thank you Ted Bishop.



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2 Responses to Parker 51 Fountain Pen, New Journal, and Waterman Tender Purple Ink

  1. murielmakes says:

    I love writing with fountain pens as well and always use one for my travel journal when I am away.

    I started keeping a gratitude journal a few weeks ago…I am doing the ‘shopping list’ variety of five a day at the moment, but hope to move on to something a bit different when I find the ‘right’ notebook for it.

    I can’t seem to change the link on my wordpress account so it keeps going to a blog I don’t actually use! Sorry about that.

    • JJ ColourArt says:

      I think it was Oprah who was promoting the five per day list, but I wanted to leave it open. Plus I only have 160 pages in my journal so I have to double up or triple up.

      It’s been great though Lorraine, I try every couple of days to write something and explain it so I can go back and read all the good things later in the year.

      Yes, the right notebook is important.There are so many and I didn’t want to spend $20 on something fancy, but I wanted something special too.

      I always assume they have wonderful things in the UK, but I imagine they are pricey. You go to lots of museums and National Trust properties–maybe in the gift shop of one of them?

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