Fountain Pen Ink and Water Test

This is my weekly sketch from my other blog. I got fed up with perspective and angles and traced the house. The dog wasn’t traced but because of the way I outlined it, it looks like it.

The Pilot Metropolitan pen is fantastic, I love it. I love the Waterman brown ink too. The mistake I made was in wetting the ink it for shading. It is too small a picture and ended up looking muddy and blobby. I also found that sometimes I got a brownish wash and sometimes a pink wash which wasn’t what I wanted.


I forgot to take a picture of the ink alone, the dog was better like that with just the red ball in its mouth. Although I did like the wash under the ears and top lip, I went on and ruined it by working the other ink. I also needed to have some variation in line for the outline so it doesn’t look as regular as it does.

The house is just a mess. I think leaving the pen and ink drawing and applying some tinting with coloured pencils would work better.

If you’re doing huge, splashy leaves or something similar, washing the ink would work better. I enjoyed the inking though, and will try more of it without water. It’s challenging to find a way to shade with ink. Cross-hatching works well on dark areas, but I need to practice some other linework to see how it shades.

Time to haul out the books Line and Wash by Wendy Jelbert, and the super comprehensive classic Rendering in Pen and Ink by Arthur Guptill.



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2 Comments on “Fountain Pen Ink and Water Test”

  1. Vicki Miller Says:

    NIce work, Judy! I have resurfaced! Please visit me at and notice the links to the right…My husband convinced me to try blogging this way!

  2. JJ ColourArt Says:

    Yay, you are such a pick-me-up Vicki, thanks for reconsidering.

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