Rue and Strider Shop for Shoes

After several years of lying undressed and shoeless, Strider has insisted that he get some shoes. Rue volunteered to help as she is stylish and due to owning her own boutique, knows several local shoe store owners.


After some consideration in various shops, they are buying these shoes. Strider likes a nice boot.


Hey Strider, Rue is all dressed up, maybe you could lose the casual look? There’s sporty and then there’s menswear letdown.

Sigh. You can’t tell these independent guys a thing.



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2 Comments on “Rue and Strider Shop for Shoes”

  1. Roseanne Dix Says:

    OH my word. what a giggle to wake up to this gloomy morning. Where did these two spring from. Did I miss something?

  2. JJ ColourArt Says:

    Yup, you missed something. I bought 2 female Tonner dolls around June 2008 (with several posts here about it), and Strider came in July 2011.

    I took a break from them because Strider was damaged when I bought him. I sent him to the Tonner Doll Hospital where he was repaired but still has body problems and lack of movement at the joints. They’ve gone downhill in quality and doubled or tripled in price since then. Considering the price these dolls are it really put me off.

    However, I have them so figured I’d try and sew for them. They are not toys, I bought them to sew for.

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