New Ink and Fountain Pen Order

I was disappointed that the Waterman Absolute Brown didn’t look the way I wanted it to when I applied water for washes; it was too pink. I’ve been looking for a green water soluble ink for my Pilot Metropolitan fountain pen and finally found one colour I loved by Rohrer & Klingner called Alt-Goldgrün (Old Golden Green.) I’ve been looking for a green ink for years and this one is very different than the usual greens from other manufacturers.

I’ll be using it to write with in a journal but I saw someone online using it in a flower painting and it looked good so you never know, I might be able to use it in sketches and wash it with water.

Since I was going to pay $8 shipping anyway to get this from a specialty store (Wonder Pens), I decided to buy some waterproof ink and a specific pen to use it in. I don’t want to switch between soluble and non-soluble ink in my pens. I’ve been dithering about this forever but feel good to have made a decision.

Unfortunately the converter (to fill the pen from bottled ink) has to be bought separately which is another expense but I wanted to try this and my Dad sent me some money recently, so it’s a small treat.


I know, I know, I caved and joined the trending hipsters.

I like the look of the grey ink instead of black for pen work. I find black a bit too harsh. Here’s hoping this will work out…

(Update: and it did–great Lamy pen and Noodler’s ink, works well with watercolours and the green is superb for writing, flows well.)

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2 Comments on “New Ink and Fountain Pen Order”

  1. I am also about to embark on fountain pen ink trials. Goulet pens let you buy small sample phials of their inks so I am trying five different blacks and another five of grey and brown. I will post about them when I have completed the trial. Look forward to how yours inks and pens go. Karen

    • JJ ColourArt Says:

      It’s fascinating isn’t it? If I hadn’t read the book “The Social Life of Ink” and resurrected my old Parker 51 pen, this new world would have been unknown to me.

      Wonder Pens is where I bought my ink and pen, and they too have the sample vials of ink. If I had more money I would have done that.

      I was a bit wary of the Noodler’s as different colours can clog or have more sediment, and I wanted one of their waterproof “bulletproof” inks, and several people use the Lexington Gray in Lamy Safari pens and I liked the subtleness of the colour compared to straight black.

      I do like the Waterford ink–effortless in a pen, very smooth and wet, which is good for writing at least.

      It’s a slippery slope, like all art supplies. Oh yeah, we know what that’s like!!!

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