Mixing Waterman Tender Purple and Absolute Brown Fountain Pen Ink

I have not been completely happy with the Absolute Brown so thought I’d try mixing it with the purple to get a rich, dark colour. I wasn’t quite sure what would happen but I like the results.

I was using a separate vial and pipettes so this wasn’t exact. I liked the 1:1 ratio. When I did more mixing I got a bit too much brown which results in an aubergine or eggplant colour. I filled my Parker 51 pen and I’ll use it up. For the next fill I have put two small spoons of purple back in; that should be just right.


This was fun but I can’t see myself doing it too often, because I like the Tender Purple as it comes from the bottle. It’s a good way to use up the brown ink though. It’s nice to have the option of mixing colours a bit to get something different without buying more ink.

Another new thing learned!

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2 Comments on “Mixing Waterman Tender Purple and Absolute Brown Fountain Pen Ink”

  1. For myself, I love the 1:2 ratio, the plummy magenta colour. I have a pair of Dr Martens in that colour!

    • JJ ColourArt Says:

      I always wanted a pair of oxblood-coloured Doc Martens. Alas, I spend all my money on books, so was never able to afford them. Really Sue, I’m just not hip enough. (Hangs head, sighs “Always the way.”)

      The final ink mix in my pen is more like the 1:2 mixture. I’ve added more purple back for the next refill. You can buy syringes with markings in mL which would make mixing more accurate, but I kind of like the by-guess-or-by-god method.

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