I Bought a Pilot Parallel 2.4 mm Pen

A couple of weeks ago I took out my Speedball nib set to use in my sketchbook. One of my bottles of F-W Acrylic Artists Ink (Sap Green) had turned to sludge, and the other (Sepia) was workable although slightly sludgy at the bottom. However, I just could not face using a dip pen. It’s scratchy, it’s tricky, the ink splodges around indiscriminately, and after using my fountain pens which flow so easily, I felt I could not handle the anxiety of using the dip pen.

There are some calligraphic fountain pens, but they are expensive. Pilot has the Pilot Parallel pen which is much less to buy. It comes with two ink cartridges and a cleaning converter but you have to buy the Pilot CON-50 converter to use with it, or refill the ink cartridges with a dropper. I thought I might as well get the converter at the same time as it works in my Pilot Metropolitan too. I just have to wait about three weeks for the mail.


When buying things like this I look at reviews and online feedback. I decided to buy the 2.4 mm nib for my purposes. The smaller 1.5 mm nib didn’t get good reviews, and the two larger ones would be too large for what I do.


While looking at reviews and web sites I found a site that offers printable practice sheets specifically for these pens in all widths.

I can fill the converter with some of my Waterman Absolute Brown ink for practicing, and thus use that up before buying some fancier colours. I have been having trouble with my shoulder and tendinitis and carpal tunnel in my writing arm, so a pen that flows well is crucial.

I was rather impressed with the way you can use this as a broad nib and then turn it on its side to do thin line flourishes and tails. All in the same pen, and no dipping!



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2 Comments on “I Bought a Pilot Parallel 2.4 mm Pen”

  1. I have looked at these a couple of times, I look forward to see what you do with it. Karen

  2. JJ ColourArt Says:

    They are such a reasonable price, I don’t think it will go to waste even though I don’t do pages and pages of calligraphy. I like to use titling on my sketches, this will be dandy for that.

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