If Only They Designed Fountain Pens Like This

Since I was much younger I’ve fancied a fountain pen with floral designs. I thought for sure that with all the Chinese manufacturers of these pens selling wares in North America, that there would be some nice florals like chrysanthemums for sale but it wasn’t the case.

Perhaps chintz florals are horribly out of style? Maybe so, but botanical and scientific illustrations are not. I could only find two examples online and one of them was out of stock and the other one was too expensive.

So I did some mock-ups in Photoshop.


And then I thought some scientific illustrations on the caps might be nice, all colour-coordinated with a pattern on the barrel.


It wouldn’t take much to design something more masculine with different patterns and schematics or architectural drawings on the caps instead of florals.

I don’t imagine printing these on the barrels and caps of fountain pens would be any more expensive that printing a marble pattern for example.

I would like to see designs like this in pens that do not cost $300. There were some beautiful Maki-e designs for sale and they were hand painted and thus expensive, but what’s the matter with printing nice designs like this on a regular, every day pen that costs $20 to $30?

Patterns like this NEVER go out of style. I’m quite sure men would enjoy a bit of zip in a pen as well. Marble patterns, gold nibs or highlights, and special editions of rainbow and metallic colours are unimaginative. We need colour and pattern and science and art!!

Three of the patterns I used on barrels were created in Gliftex, the most wonderful computer software, and one I’ve used extensively for 15 years. (Second from left on top image; second from left and last pen on bottom image.) Pen companies could use that program to make beautiful designs for embellishment.

I guess it’s easier to print a lime green or metallic orange pen and call it “special edition.” How many rainbow-coloured pens by the same manufacturer can one person buy? Look at the whole world of creativity and pattern that pen manufacturers can’t be bothered with. Too expensive?

Nope, I’m not buying it.

The next day I decided to do up a couple more, this time with maps and more modern floral pops.


All the patterns on the barrels of these pens were created in Gliftex. These patterns are sharp, sharp, sharp. I’ve never understood why professional graphics people don’t use that program. There is a professional version.

Yummy, I like the last one this way…



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4 Comments on “If Only They Designed Fountain Pens Like This”

  1. Oh these designs are just lovely and I totally agree with you. I would love one. Karen

  2. raggedpoet Says:

    Wow, these are great… get them out there, send them to some pen people!!!

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