The Maiden Voyage of Japonica

My wonky calligraphy lives on! This is Rives BFK paper which is a bit too textured for calligraphy, not to mention my inability to form letters.

Last year in May I did a quick sketch of the daffodils. I like that one better I think. I’m not sure. The image is only 4 cm so tiny flowers. I think I blended too much on the yellow. But they are recognizable as daffs!


Anyway, I got going and did my first page in this journal, that’s the main thing.

I was doing better on my practice sheets so I’ll have to carry on.






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2 Comments on “The Maiden Voyage of Japonica”

  1. Roseanne Dix Says:

    this brings back memories – of calligraphy and daffies. You know me Jude- I go for”WONKY”” !!! I love it. so fresh. we are about to dive into Winter – sigh – might have to find my jersey. remember how I used to tell you I was sitting next to my pool in my sarong in the midst of winter here!!!

    • JJ ColourArt Says:

      We must start a Wonky Artists club!

      Oh yes, I remember that pool and champagne around the pool at New Year’s. My sarong consists of an old yellow blanket, wrapped about me for most of the year over my clothes. I am perennially cold.

      One of the things about being in different hemispheres is this strange turnabout of seasons.

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