Ink Samples and a New Fountain Pen

I’ve been dithering for months about getting red, pink, and blue fountain pen inks. I finally decided to go the way of buying 2 mL samples from Wonder Pens in Toronto. To my knowledge, they are the only store in Canada that offers fountain pen ink samples by mail. It’s a great service, although I’m sure it’s fiddly for them. I certainly appreciate their excellent service.

I also decided to buy an inexpensive Pilot 78G pen so I’d have an extra pen besides my Pilot Metropolitan to try inks in. That worked out really well and I bought the red one with the medium nib and it’s nice and light to use. I have chronic tendinitis so I have to be careful about pen weight.

In this picture the ink is Bleu Myosotis on the left and Fernambuk on the right. You can see how handy the little 2 mL bottles are for the ink samples, and they are small enough that you can still get your nib in but it will be easier to fill a pen as the ink gets lower. I thought I might get one or two fills out of them but I might get three. That’s not bad for $1.25-$1.50 CAD per sample.


These are the samples I ordered:

1)Diamine 2mL ink samples:

2)Rohrer and Klingner 2mL ink samples:

3) Noodler’s 2mL ink sample:
Ottoman Rose

4) J. Herbin 2mL ink sample:
Éclat de Saphir
Bleu Myosotis

So far I have tried the R & K Fernambuk which was much quieter than I thought it would be. From online samples it looked more like hot pink but it’s more like a medium red with a hint of coral in it. In a wider nib like in a calligraphy pen it might shade lighter.

I also tried the J. Herbin Bleu Myosotis which is much like a medium blue, even blue-grey on some of my paper. I like it but I guess I spent too many years using Parker Quink ink and tend to like colours that are a bit different.

I am now using Noodler’s Ottoman Rose in the Pilot 78G and I really like that. It’s a violet-rose colour, not too dark or too light and easy to read.

Seven more to try! What a kick, and I’m so glad I bought samples because it’s too hard to tell what an ink is going to be like and at $14 a bottle it gets expensive to make a mistake.

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4 Comments on “Ink Samples and a New Fountain Pen”

  1. Love all your ink samples. I have been joined Goulet pens ink drop group and the send me a set of five inks every month on a different colour theme. Only costs me $10 a month plus extra for international postage. Loads of fun trying new inks and I love a surprise parcel in the post. Karen

    • JJ ColourArt Says:

      I know people who have signed up for the Goulet Pens monthly samples and it looks good. A woman I know just posted samples of this month’s inks and colours.

      I don’t know if I’m too conservative or what, but I want to build a small roster of my own ink bottles and then forget about it. Maybe it’s because things are so hard to get here in Canada? I also don’t have $10 a month.

      They are great to try. I like that you are finding them useful considering how far they have to travel to you. Isn’t it great that they even offer the service to Australia?

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