New Jinhao X750 Fountain Pen

Jinhao pens are from China and very inexpensive. They have had some quality issues, either with the finish or the nibs according to others, but I ordered one because the medium nib seemed useful and I liked the red lava colour; I don’t have a deep red pen.

Reviews mention that these pens need a thorough cleaning as they often have machine oil in them that will interfere with ink flow. I used a cup of cool tap water with a tablespoon of ammonia and two drops of dishwashing detergent and filled and emptied my new pen five times. Then I rinsed it thoroughly about seven times with plain water.

I filled it with Diamine Meadow ink but I couldn’t get the flow going, so I emptied and refilled the ink converter several times from my bottle of ink. It was writing a bit but I got an extra air bubble and blob of ink out and then it wrote fine.


Sometimes after leaving it for a few days I have to twist the converter down slightly to get the ink flowing. I’ve written several letters with it and so far am pleased with it. The medium nib is quite wet, almost as wet as my Parker 51 pen, and it writes smoothly. I really love the feel of it. The cap is too heavy to post on the end of the pen when writing, but the body still feels to be a nice weight and shape on its own. I have chronic tendinitis in my writing hand so I can’t use a really heavy pen. I was worried this might be a problem but I was delighted to find that I can use this pen comfortably.

I have enjoyed using this pen and am glad I spent $11 CAD on it. It was shipped all the way from China which seems pretty amazing to me. I will treat it carefully and hope it lasts some years. I might try drawing with the pen as the nib seems nice and wet for that. The nib is overly large compared to other nibs but that makes it feel special.

I definitely feel these pens are worth trying, but treat them with care, and handle them gently. Take your time to clean and fill one and have fun trying inks in it.





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